Quick References

  1. Shell scripting
  2. LaTex on Macintosh
  3. regex 101
    Regular expressions
  4. AWK
    Text processing scripts
  5. R Package Documentation
    A comprehensive index of R packages
  6. Top 50 ggplot2 visualizations
    A one page quick reference to ggplot2
  7. Dash Gallery
    Dash App plotly
  8. Shiny dashboard
    A package for creating dashboards
  9. One-page quick course
    R Shiny
  10. Emoticons
    Emoji charts


  1. PennState:Stat505
    Multivariate statistical analysis
  2. Wikipedia
    Programming languages used in most popular websites
  3. R Markdown
    The Definitive Guide
  4. Google Research Blog
    The latest news from Research at Google
  5. Google's Python Class
    A free class for people with a little bit of programming experience
  6. MDN Web Docs JavaScript
    A JavaScript reference
  7. R Documentations
    A search tool for R packages
  8. RStudio Tips


  1. Can I Become a Data Scientist?
    Research into 1,001 Data Scientist Profiles
  2. "What is Data Science, and What Does a Data Scientist Do?"
    Define the data scientist role, including typical skills, qualifications, education, experience and responsibilities.
  3. Beer and Diapers
    "True Story" of Beer and Diapers


  1. Public Datasets
    Open datasets in public domains
  2. Yelp
    Food trends

Templates and Web Grid Layout

  1. CSS
    Grid Layout
  2. Bootstrap Framework Templates
    50 free bootstrap framework
  3. StarBootstrap-freelancer
    A one page HTML theme for freelancers created by Start Bootstrap
  4. Studio-One Page Theme
    A simple one page them, ideal for personal or agency site, comes with an elegant and minimal design