[BOOK 2]. A Quick Handbook to HTML and CSS Before Learning JavaScript

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111 pages. January 2019.
A quick start guide to HTML and CSS before leaping into JavaScript! Free code download!

  • This book is especially for you if you are new to HTML and CSS and just want to quickly enter the world of JavaScript, if you want to learn HTML and CSS for building your first web page by hand coding rather than using any web page generator, or simply you are just interested in computer programming, but without a particular programming language in mind.
  • No matter for what purpose, the book introduces not only fundamentals and latest trends on web design, the relationship of the three languages, but also gives practical instructions for the tools and walks you through a running example. A beginner should quickly gain solid knowledge and skills on HTML5 and CSS3 before leaping into JavaScript. Especially, the book introduces the Document Object Model and DOM tree, which are at the heart of CSS and JavaScript.
  • Beginning with the first chapter which helps you set up a development environment in your computer and install code editors for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Two other chapters present instructions for coding in HTML and CSS. By the end of the book, you will be capable of developing a web page based on the latest CSS Grid Layout which implements responsive web design with no effort!

{{page.avatar.desc}}[Book 1]. JavaScript Hands-on Learning: interactive front-end web development

318 pages. October 2016. ISBN: 978-0998273808
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  • This full color book provides a concise, practical and problem-oriented guide for JavaScript. Being designed for beginners, no prior programming experience is required except for basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • For anyone who is interested in web programming, this book does not only teach you basic programming concepts through a number of concrete examples, case studies and hands-on exercises, but also makes it easy for you by breaking down each example into steps.
  • The book serves equally well as a text for online web programming classes or for self-study.
  • All source code used in this book is freely accessible for download.
  • The book contains twelve chapters covering topics from basic programming concepts to interactive web application development. Each chapter is built upon the previous one.
    • Chapter 1 Setting up JavaScript Environment
    • Chapter 2 Storing Data
    • Chapter 3 Building Functions
    • Chapter 4 Modeling Real-world Objects
    • Chapter 5 Case Study - Cars
    • Chapter 6 Cast Study - Roles at the Scene
    • Chapter 7 Making Decisions
    • Chapter 8 Automating Repetitions with Loop
    • Chapter 9 Function Object
    • Chapter 10 Nesting Loops & Subpatterns
    • Chapter 11 Time-based Events
    • Chapter 12 Revisiting Roles at the Scene
  • For beginners, it is recommended to read through from the first chapter to the last chapter without skipping pages or chapters. After working through this book, you will have a strong foundation in web development and become an expert in creating interactive, versatile web pages.


  1. Page 40: 4. Open c2w4.html
  2. Page 41: Replace the ref value css/ex-1.css with css/c2w4.css
  3. Page 82: seatsAvailable calculates and returns the number of....
  4. Page 86: seatsAvailable calculates and returns the number of....
  5. Page 89: 3.....seatsAvailable calculates and returns the number of ....
  6. Page 99: 3) section.speedpanel: A section having the class name 'speedpanel' includes two div elements, div.speed and div.controls. The element div.controls includes....
  7. Page 105: in the folder case1
  8. Page 187: Workout 8-2: Replace the line "var start = 1;" with "var end = 10;".