Class Information

0.1 Course Description

This course provides a foundation of front-end development. The first part covers environment setting, HTML and CSS Basics The second part covers client-side programming in JavaScript. The class focuses on helping students develop fundamental web programming skills. Students will reinforce their understanding of concepts and coding skills in hands-on exercises and projects.

0.2 Prerequisite

CSCI-A 106 or CSCI-C 106 or Consent of Instructor

0.3 Learning Objectives

  • Hand coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • Understand the structure of an HTML document, HTML elements and attributes

  • Understand CSS selector types. Write CSS style rules. Apply CSS rules to a document.

  • JavaScript programming concepts (variable, array, function, object, selection, repetition)

  • Program interaction with web pages by JavaScript

  • Use jQuery to simplify the web development process

0.4 Learning Outcomes

  • (2 wks)Part 1: Setting up Development Environment
    • Web browser
    • Editor
    • Path
    • Create a web account
    • Install VPN
    • Connect to the web account and manage files
    • Publish to the Web
  • (2.5 wks) Part 2: HTML Basics
    • HTML document without stylesheet
    • Element type vs. element instance
    • DOM tree
    • HTML document with the structural elements
    • HTML attributes
  • (2.5 wks) Part 3 CSS Basics
    • Property/value pairs
    • Rule syntax
    • Set a resource URL value
    • Write rules
    • Apply a stylesheet to a document
    • Specificity of selectors
    • A sample project
  • (8 wks) Part 4: JavaScript
    • The Scratchpad and web console tools
    • Data
    • Functions
    • Objects
    • Decisions
    • Loops

0.5 Grading Information

Assignments will be selected for grading. The final grade will be based on the following categories each with a specific weight. The weights are subject to change.

Part 1: \(10\%\)

Part 2: \(15\%\)

Part 3: \(15\%\)

Part 4: \(40\%\)

Final Exam and Project: \(20\%\)