18.4 E4

  1. Write (explicit) JOIN to display the customers who has more than one purchase in trans table. For each of such customers, list email, purchase count, full name, state, country. Sort the customers by purchase count in descending order. The output must be the same as the sample given below.
TABLE18.1: 8 records
EMAIL Purchase# NAME
David.Smith@somewhere.com 5 David Smith
Selma.Warning@somewhere.com 4 Selma Warning
Donald.Gray@somewhere.com 4 Donald Gray
MaryBeth.Frederickson@somewhere.com 3 Mary Beth Frederickson
Tiffany.Twilight@somewhere.com 3 Tiffany Twilight
Fred.Smathers@somewhere.com 2 Fred Smathers
Jeffrey.Janes@somewhere.com 2 Jeffrey Janes
Chris.Wilkens@somewhere.com 2 Chris Wilkens