16.8 Create CUSTOMER_ARTIST_INT with FKs

    ArtistID             int                NOT NULL,
    CustomerID           int                NOT NULL,
    CONSTRAINT  CAIntPK                 PRIMARY KEY(ArtistID, CustomerID),
    CONSTRAINT  CAInt_ArtistFK          FOREIGN KEY(ArtistID)
                               REFERENCES ARTIST(ArtistID)
                                    ON UPDATE NO ACTION
                                    ON DELETE NO ACTION,
    CONSTRAINT  CAInt_CustomerFK        FOREIGN KEY(CustomerID)
                               REFERENCES CUSTOMER(CustomerID)
                                    ON UPDATE NO ACTION
                                    ON DELETE NO ACTION

16.8.1 Run Reverse Engineer

  • Do reverse engineering on vrg.
  • In the resulting diagram, inspect the tables and their relationships.
Reverse Enigneer EER Diagram

Reverse Enigneer EER Diagram