JavaScript Hands-on Learning: interactive front-end web development

318 pages. October 2016. ISBN: 978-0998273808
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  • This full color book provides a concise, practical and problem-oriented guide for JavaScript. Being designed for beginners, no prior programming experience is required except for basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • For anyone who is interested in web programming, this book does not only teach you basic programming concepts through a number of concrete examples, case studies and hands-on exercises, but also makes it easy for you by breaking down each example into steps.
  • The book serves equally well as a text for online web programming classes or for self-study.
  • All source code used in this book is freely accessible for download.
  • The book contains twelve chapters covering topics from basic programming concepts to interactive web application development. Each chapter is built upon the previous one.
    • Chapter 1 Setting up JavaScript Environment
    • Chapter 2 Storing Data
    • Chapter 3 Building Functions
    • Chapter 4 Modeling Real-world Objects
    • Chapter 5 Case Study - Cars
    • Chapter 6 Cast Study - Roles at the Scene
    • Chapter 7 Making Decisions
    • Chapter 8 Automating Repetitions with Loop
    • Chapter 9 Function Object
    • Chapter 10 Nesting Loops & Subpatterns
    • Chapter 11 Time-based Events
    • Chapter 12 Revisiting Roles at the Scene
  • For beginners, it is recommended to read through from the first chapter to the last chapter without skipping pages or chapters. After working through this book, you will have a strong foundation in web development and become an expert in creating interactive, versatile web pages.


  1. Page 40: 4. Open c2w4.html
  2. Page 41: Replace the ref value css/ex-1.css with css/c2w4.css
  3. Page 82: seatsAvailable calculates and returns the number of....
  4. Page 86: seatsAvailable calculates and returns the number of....
  5. Page 89: 3.....seatsAvailable calculates and returns the number of ....
  6. Page 99: 3) section.speedpanel: A section having the class name 'speedpanel' includes two div elements, div.speed and div.controls. The element div.controls includes....
  7. Page 105: in the folder case1
  8. Page 187: Workout 8-2: Replace the line "var start = 1;" with "var end = 10;".